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YES NEWS YOU ARE GETTING ON ACR FIRST! (sorry first time its ever happened)

AC2, the highly anticipated sequel to AC now has a release date!

You will able to be logged into the new world of Dereth on November 30th!!!

And if you can't wait like me, you can preorder it at way to go us! ;)

- JevMan 5-23-02 2:05am


My mom always told me playing with my Lugian

Would make me go blind... but that's a risk were just gonna have to take. The AC2 Multimedia Page from Turbine has been updated!

This update includes two movies of the new Lugian animation moves... one of a Lugian dual weilding two swords... And one of the Lugian with a two handed weapon...

And there's even a new screenshot and a new piece of concept art of Phyntos Wasps...

- JevMan 4-06-02 1:25am

AC2 FAQ Site Updated

Lots of new, usefull, and very interesting information, all located right... yes, you guessed it, HERE.

- JevMan 4-05-02 12:59pm



New Player Run Economy

Agian another neat info addition to the AC2 site at the zone. This one all about how the new economy is gonna work. And it looks like thouse nifty trade mules we all had in AC are all gonna be extinct. Poor trade mules. Someone think of the children!!!

- JevMan 4-05-02 12:59pm


AC2 Mentioned In USA Today

Short and brief article uses the phrase "Visually Spectacular"

Well I know what I am, but what about AC2 damnit?!

- JevMan 4-05-02 12:59pm


I Know, This Isnt A News Article...

But damn, this is the coolest screenshot from AC2 so far.... Its what the towns are gonna look like. Can we say drool? Good.

- JevMan 4-05-02 12:59pm