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"Correct me if I'm wrong…"

Hey guess what, it's my site. If I want to write an article, well damnit, not one of you can stop me. This article will be about nothing in particular. Some may be about AC, some may not. Who knows? Once again, it's my site, try and stop me.

But time for the first edition of "Correct Me if I'm wrong"

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but AC Explorer, that neat little program that use to be considered the worst cheat, long before anyone heard of sixth sense. Isn't that supposed to help you in the game?

So here I am, taking my level 24 battle mage, whose name will remain anonymous, except for the fact I'll tell you it's Battle Rabbit. Well Battle Rabbit was off on his first quest. Some Doll Charm thingy. Apparently it casts War IV, and Focus IV. Great I thought. Just want my struggling battle mage needs.

First things first however. I needed to find some people to assist me in my quest. My patron didn't have any characters that met the 24-36 level restriction. Nor did my co-vassals. Was Battle Rabbit about to brave a level 24-36 dungeon alone at 24?

Hell no, you crazy.

Finally, my patrons' friend decides to go. So off we go, a level 24 battle mage, a level 36 archer.

We decide to run to the dungeon from Zaihkal. Nothing too dangerous on the way I thought.

So we run.

And run.

And then we stop. And we look.

"Damn that's a bug cliff", I said to myself.

So I look around. I say, well we gotta get down, lets look for a smaller jump.

Oof, oof, oof, oof, oof. Damn.

With level 7 buffs, cast by my patron before we left, it was a nice 50 point fall. Not on purpose either mind you. Apparently I found a bug in the cliffs.

No problem, I'm alive. And my friend archer only took 5 on the jump.

So, we run some more, figures, another cliff.

"Ready?" I say.

The archer jumps.

Then, like angles singing, I hear the unmistakable sound of my level 7 buffs all running out.


Ugh, no problem again, I say, as I find a smaller cliff and jump.

Finally, we run into the portal that AC explorer says will take us closer to our destination.

And somehow I wind up in a dungeon.

A dungeon with virindi.

And hollow minions.

Well, as much as I'd love to think my level 24 battle mage, who can cast level 4 item and protect spells is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I realize his limitations. And those limitations are:

Hollow Minions.

So, after what has to be decided as the quickest decision ever. Me and the lvl 36 archer, decide to head back out into the world, and not use the portal that ac explorer said would make our lives so much better.

Now up to this point, the other person had been attack stuff along the way. No problem. As we begin our run from the "shortcut" to the actual dungeon. He spots a group of tuskers, and begins to fire.

Hmmmm I think to myself. I guess he's strong enough. I guess I'll help him by imperiling these weak tuskers.

I did mention that my level 7 buffs ran out like 20 minutes prior right?

Well, DESPITE obvious reasoning that you would attack the person who's attacking you, and not the one casting weird magic spells, they mutated apes go for me.

Ahhhh, the lifestone. That's where our story, and many stories like it end. Tune in for episode 2. Does Battle Rabbit complete the quest? And what does the tusker do to my body that's illegal in 49 states except for Tennessee? Find out soon….

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