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So you probably wondered what Episode III is. Well, other then a reason for George Lucas to sue us, its the third phase in ACR.

For those of you with us since the beginning you remember a few things about ACR. Ugly, ugly, ugly. The pages were only shown in 800x600. It was all done in layers. It just wasn't bueno.

Well this is phase 2. Phase 2 is a great improvement over phase 1. But its still lacking. There's no easy way to keep the news updated. Its a big chore to go through and change things. And overall while some of the design is nice, it still needs a lot of work.

Phase III is the ultimate goal. Episode III as I will call it, is what ACR has been striving for since the beginning Now is the time to achieve that goal.

Unfortunately, this is not a cheap process. And I hate to come begging for money. Really I do. If you don't believe me you can ask my mods where I had to ask them if they thought it was right I ask for donations. I don't believe in it.

But to make the improvement, will cost more money then I have in pocket. Exact figures I don't have at the moment, but just encase your wondering:

ACR has an annual cost of $1,200... That doesn't include the cost of the prizes we give away. That doesn't include any of the time I or anyone else spends on the site. All our time is volunteered.

We don't have banner ads. And while we plan on putting them in one day, they probably will just be to promote different parts of the site and not other sites.

We are a fan site. One that receives a small 1000+ individual visits a day. 600 registered members on the boards. And we figure a mere $1 from most of our loyal fan base will help us turn this page into the greatest AC site on the net.

Well, if your still reading, we've made it easy for you to donate. Just click on the button below, and use your paypal account. If you don't have a paypal account, create one, and use us as the person who referred you ( that will be a donation in itself!

Once again, thanks for your loyal support. And look for episode III soon! We promise you wont be disappointed.