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The (New) Adventures of FCOD

Well, the powerful draw of AC finally caught up to me. Not being able to resist it anymore, after 7 whole months without AC, I went and bought Dark Majesty. $20 + a free month, not bad, things are going well.

Somebody please destroy EBX. Upon opening my newly purchased treasure, a
small note written on a little card entitled, "Happy Holidays," fell out."Kyle - Merry Christmas..with connection for 1 yr. Neal and Sara." "Dear god," I thought, "I've purchased the ex-Christmas present of some little punk bastard whose idiot parents can't read!" That, unfortunately, was the least of my soon-to-be concerns.

For those of you who have subscribed to AC, you know that you need a subscription coupon number. This coupon number is found on the back of the jewel case, and it is redeemable but once. (I like the phrase "but once" it makes me sound smarter than I really am <g>.) "This subscription coupon has already been redeemed." Damn you to the bowels of bloody hell EBX for allowing opened software to be returned!!!

The asshole-in-a-hat clerk at the EBX was none too helpful, but using my superior linguistic skills I finally convinced him to let me exchange the game. It makes me wonder how in the world the illiterate parents of the little punk bastard convinced him to exchange/return it in the first place. At any rate, the world of Dereth will again feel my wrath, for I have

Next issue: The thunder of Gnawer Shreth crushing you is as deafening as
the silence of your death!


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