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Required Input in: East of Eastham

It was the Wednesday before patch day. I was teaching the wood golems around Rithwic a thing or two about dying (not saying who was doing the dying), when i got the call. It was a rather urgent tell from patron/monarch and founder of the unholy army of the damned - Shameless.

"we're raiding Eastham, need back-up"

"i'm on my way", i quickly replied, and headed off to the north-east.

A quick vitae check and i realized i was at 7%. This simply would not do. Fortunately, a couple of helpful reedsharks along the way were more than willing to assist me in rectifying this problem. 2 quick trips back to the lifestone and i had attained the level 6 maximum vp of 15%. Perfect. 3rd times the charm and i came into Eastham, ready to do battle. I encountered my crew standing, relaxed, yet vigilant, on the village green. They recruited me into fellow and we set about ridding the area of our rivals. News of our previous adventures had obviously travelled to these parts, as few red dot's showed up to challenge our authority. Perhaps it was our groups impresive average level of 13, or maybe rumours of my ungodly war skill of 67. We held the town for close to an hour before deciding to hunt Arwic pk's, as we had heard they carried good loot.

There was no one peddling portals to the subway in town that night, so we decided to assist each other back to our respective lifestones where we knew we could get rides. We began sparring in a flurry vulns and fire bolts. Shameless set about with his now infamous bent cestus, and it wasn't long before only myself and Shameless were left standing. I turned toward him as he charged, and a couple fearsome level 1 warspells soon sent him away to nurse the torn and burnt skin, damaged by my magic.

I quickly assesed him and i knew the next bolt that he did not resist would be the last. He franticly tried to heal his wounds as i spoke aloud the sacred words. A darkness crossed my heart as i realized that in my excitement i had not paid attention to my magic reserves.

i was out of mana.

I could no longer taste victory. Now i was tasting something more like rancid cheese that been dropped in the dirt. Shameless deftly completed his task, dropped the spent healing kit and charged once again. Like the fabled Brave Sir Robin, i ran away. I run like a one legged Auroch though, and it was not long before i was back in Rithwic - mmmmmm liiifestoooone....

A quick trip to Deanara, the local portal specialist, and i was at the subway. I communicated with the fellowship and they suggested i lay low until they got there. I knew of an out of the way mine shaft and headed for it. Due to my recent death, i did not emit the murderous sheen of the pk, and i easily slipped through the throngs peddling their wares without incident.

to be continued...

be sure to watch for the next installment in the ongoing story of the unholy army of the damned.... Subway Safety


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