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Welcome to the New Face of the Revolution!

In every Revolution there are individuals who step up and contribute. People who rise above and show their skills. This Revolution is no different. We here at the Revolution proudly open up the newest, and long awaited AC LORE section. This Lore section will be different from other sites. This is where all of the future Columns, Editorials, and just plain cool stuff that the ACR Staff contributes will be posted. So check back each and ever day, this is bound to become the most popular place on the Revolution.

Every once in a while..

There's something that gets put on this website that requires a disclaimer.

This is one of them.

If you ever visited the vault you know about Unladen Swallow. And well, he's here now, and god help us, writting new articles. For us. Oh boy.

So if you dare, check out his newesest article he wrote for us, entitled, A Trip To Rithwic.

- JevMan 3-12-02 2:17pm

New Column

Jungalist has added another story about the adventures of his n00b PK. Now as a correction I will mention that I was wrong is stating his PKer is on DT. His PK is actually on Leafcull.

Apparently there is a monarchy on Leafcull in which they require you turn pk early, your first few levels. This brings a whole new dynamic to the PK scene on "carebare" servers in which you dont take your battle mage, get him to level 70, get neo gsa, mule everything, and go PK. There actually trying to make PK the way Im sure it was intended to be played.

Anyway if you want to know more about that monarchy, a few of them live on our leafcull boards. Otherwise go read Subway Safety!!

- JevMan 2-28-02 1:58am

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