Your average Green Phyntos Wasp.
The sinister Brown Rabbit.
The bodies of slain travelers? Think again...

The truly mysterious virindi.

A remarkably dangerous foe.


Hunting monsters is an everyday part of a Derethian's life. Beasts of the island come in all types of forms, from odd floating crystals to the living dead, cat-like humanoids to the mysterious Virindi.

Incoming Isparians often come ill-prepared for the challenges of Dereth. Though it may seem that the Shoushi Grotto has proven them worthy of this island, chances are he or she will just become another rotting corpse lying someplace in the Direlands, or for those who are truly foolish, Aerilynthe.

Aside from the sport of killing such creatures, the trophies these monsters have found place in Derethian culture. The hunting of monster trophies has become another part of the everyday hunter's life, since their parts have been found rewarding to the population. Monster trophies have brought forth some of Dereth's legendary items: Shadow Armor, the Hoary Mattekar Robe, and the famed Atlan weapons..


There are currently about fifty species of discovered monster in Dereth, and there are countless more that are waiting to be found. As we venture further into the depths of this familiar yet mysterious land, we can only imagine what other creatures will be revealed to us.

Recently, the migrations of Dereth's creatures have changed dramatically. Monsters normally confined to the Direlands have found their way into both Northern and Southern Osteth. The Direlands have once again become a place for only the best of the best to travel. There have been a large assortment of new arrivals, including Ascendant Drudges, Nightmare and Fire Wisps, and Diamond Golem Lords, all of which are extremely dangerous. Take care when exploring, travelers.

The ACRevolution monster section currenty has 12 monsters. Don't worry, AC lovers, that number is certain to rise.

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