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- JevMan

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YES NEWS YOU ARE GETTING ON ACR FIRST! (sorry first time its ever happened)

AC2, the highly anticipated sequel to AC now has a release date!

You will able to be logged into the new world of Dereth on November 30th!!!

And if you can't wait like me, you can preorder it at way to go us! ;)

- JevMan 5-23-02 2:05am

Hotfix in! Worlds up! Lag increase's 250%!

Yep apparntly with the new hotfix the dev's made sure to add all the lag they forgot to add last patch.

You can head over to COD to hear what the devs are talking about.

You could stay here and find out, if the Dev's actually like stopped by. But apparntly our 2000 people who visit the site isnt good enough for them. Oh well, just be carefull if you log onto AC.

- JevMan 5-22-02 3:21pm

The April Event Has Begun....

Let the lag begin!

Err j/k. Anyways in case you want the heads up on whats going on you can always go to our General AC Board for all the latest AC Talk. Why, the April Build Notes and the Town Crier Sayings both already have their own posts.

And if you come across anything else, be sure to either post it on our boards or better yet, if its a screenshot email it to me, and have it as the screenshot of the day.

- JevMan 4-09-02 1:11am


Tuesday, April 9: from 6 AM PST to 11:00 AM PST

The worlds will be brought down for the monthly update and the start of April's event, Betrayal.

Oh boy oh boy!! If its not 11:00 am PST where you are, and you're too pumped to do anything else, you can always read the teaser again here... or go post on the official teaser thread on our spiffy boards here...

And if you find any cool content send it to me, and I'll post it on the site, somewhere...

- JevMan 4-09-02 1:11am