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Jaques attempt at getting a chixor

The day, Febuary 19, Jaque set out to get a chixor of his own. As I was running along the beaten paths of hebian-to and shoushi, I passed a "thing" well I thought it was a drudge skulker. . but apparently she claimed to be a girl! She coulda fooled me. To make a long story short. . my 300 run skill came in handy, As I arrived in Hebian, I searced around for a chixor. I found one in the mage shop buying compnents, "Hello" I stated. "Goodday" She replied. " I just got some pericing protection jewlery, wanna help me try it out ( I start moving closer ) "No! But I think I will need acid protectin jewlery for your mouth. Pee you you stank!

*sigh* another chixor down. No worries, theres another girl sitting in front of the blacksmith. "Heya" ( She replies ) "Hello" " Wanna see why they call it a Whorey robe?" "No thanks" After some quick discussion she portal recalled. Right about then, I thought, hmmmmm what is elyssa's favor? I was, um mast-- er doing something, umm ya, well this young girl jumped up from behind the tree asking a question on how to use her magic. I don't think she bought my line of "On me honey" . . I think I scared the damn n00b for life I went out and killed some tuskers to raise my critter magic, but it didn't help in trying to land some female tuskers "Hello, want to see why they call it critter magic? Female Tusker replies "( Grunt Grunt) " " I just raised my endurance, I got alllllllll the stamina we'll need" "(Grunt Grunt) We'll, I was soon at the lifestone, C'mon how was I supposed to know she was married to an armored tusker?

Finally after searching for hours upon end, I found this young male, named, it seems to escape my mind at the moment, ahh yes Jevman, I believe his name was Jevman. I found him with another male, on the beach. . .
*dum dum dummmmmmmmm*

To be continued . . .

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