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As I portaled in...

As I portaled in I stared down and saw my body of bubbly purple. Soon I was into my complete stage and was facing a portal to the training hall. I didn't have time to really think about what I was doing, I was killed in a few seconds. There were elderly folk, into their 60s who seemed to have fun killing noobs. Taking it as a grain of salt, I only lost 250 pyreals. I decided to enter the training hall before Bael'Zharon would grant me the ability to kill, and be killed. Upon entering I chatted with the sentry, he told me some important imformation and gave me a key. After killing some training golems, I met with a young lad, looked about 3. He greeted me and was wondering if he wanted to fellow, I agreed because level 3 protection is very nice. He asked my name

"Jillian" I replied.

"Hello, my name is Velik, meet my brothers blotch' and a'pexi."

I waved to them both.

"So want to go kill some people?"

"Sure" I replied, delighted. I came to Darktide to kill, and this was what I was doing.

"Lets take this portal, Jil you stick back your still young"

I noded.

The 3 left, and once outside called for me to come. I had to go to the bathroom, embarressed I replied "I'm fighting someone right now" I farted a couple times, and knew it was coming. I ran to the sentry and quickly asked for the restrooms. She showed me and I took a great shit.

I thought to myself ^Your now level 4. Your shitting skill is now 280!^ I was abruptly interupted, Velik was calling for me outside. I scurried over and portaled out, I was surprised to see blotch' and a'pexi's dead bodys. Velik whisperes "see that man, about 24 over there, we gotta take him out"

We didn't want to act intruding so we casually walked up and started talking. Velik whispered to me "Get on the other side and wait for my go" I complied and went to his back, he turned around to see what I was donig, Velik taking the chance pulled out his bow and started shooting. The man then turned his attention to velik, I pulled out my starter wand and impriled him. Now this is what I came here for I thought to myself! After a few quick acid streams, and a few arrows he had fallen. We rejoiced, looting his placid body for any items we could find. Velik, thinking ahead said the man will be back, go into the training hall and continue your preparation. Before I knew it I was at the Hollow Minion leader looting his notes, I brought it back recieved 1500 experiance, and an academy coat. From the money I had gotten of people, I had bought me some nice AL 83 Studded leather leggings, some Al90 gold gaunts, al 123 gold solls, I had been doing great, but my sister Jil needed the items more than I. I had made a friend, with General Zarrofni, and asked him if he could give these items to my sister. He kept the items, and killed my sister, outraged by this I chased him. He logged, and then would get back on and I would chase him and he would log. I camped him for 6 days, never got him. Finally one day when I woke up from sleeping, Velik gave me a tell asking me to recruit General Zarrofni into our fellowship. "No" I said

"Do it!"


"Why, you whore?"

"He stole my stuff, you know as well as I do hes a theif"

" I don't give a shit, we need to kill more fucking people"


"What the fuck, you little jackass recruit him, or im starting another fellow"

"Sounds good, Have fun" I disbanded our fellowship, and his green color dropped off my radar. Once Him and the General go together, they attacked me. Defending myself I took out the general first, he was weak, and did not have skill.
Velik was a tougher challenge, I was a weak 3 year old, Velik was much farther along at 5. Finally after a 25 minute battle, I was the victor, eating some cheese while looting his dead body. Blotch' and A'pexi did not approve of their brothers actions, and joined my side. Velik, wanted to kill us, and attacked us at every chance he could. We slowly built up our forces, and strengths. Finally after long periods of time, then 2 months of no talking, Just building forces,we decided to meet back at the Lifestone in one month, winner takes all. I furiously tried to recruit, but at the same time I was trying to advance in my own skills. I had learned the skill of mana conversion, this allowed me to cast spells, with less of a hit on my mana. I was worried, Velik had almost double my force, and seemed to be strong. I did not back down though, on the day of March 13 we meet. Velik had nearly triple the forces of me now, but my group would never give up. Velik still had 2 years on me, Me a 12 year old, Velik was 14. I had been preparing for this day ever since that one day with General Zarrofni. Velik, of course was the leader of his bunch, The general was second in command. I snarled at him, the day he stole my armor and killed my sister was just like yesterday. Blotch, and A'pexi, were my second in commands, and were very loyal. Velik, decided to start attacking, he caught us unprepared but we didnt have time to think we just fought. I went for the General first, I was bolted by 5 people, but I kept on the General, finally my lighting corricated over his dead body, I focused my attention on the weaklings, that were hitting me, take them out each with one bolt. I had lost about half of my force, but Velik had lost nearly 2/3 of his. Velik was plinking his bow at my weaker members, taking them out at a rapid pace, but I was doing the same with my magic. Pretty soon it was down to 3 people on my side, me, A'pexi, and blotch. The other side had 9. We decided to run inside a beaten down building for a second to regroup. 3 of Velik's younger members, decided to attack on thier own, we quickly took all 3 of them down. It was down to 6on3. We said a prayer as a group, and hoped through the door. I saw A'pexi go down, but not without a fight, he had taken down 2 members of Velik's crew in his last swing. Blotch' had taken down the 3rd strongest member of the group, but had fallen to Velik's arrows. I took out one person myself. It was down to me the general and velik. Then, to my surprise one of our new recruits was running up. " Sorry Jillian!! I had to use the bathroom!!" A tear rolled down my face, he reminded me, of me when I was a youngster. he was a rambuntous axer, with a will. I started attacking Velik, and the young boy had the General to half health. I broke my attack from Velik and fired a bolt at the General, he was dead. I told the young lad to retreat, his life wasn't worth risking. The battle insued, over 4 hours this time. Finally a string of fire bolts hit Velik, and he was down to 4 health. I was out of mana so I took out my wand and started punching him. He was hitting me 10-20 and I was hitting him for 0-1. I was down to 13 health, one more blow couldve killed me, but somehow I evaded and delievered the fatal blow to Velik.

Yes Son. I still owe it to you Jhon. That day 8 years ago when you took out the General.
I had learned later Jhon had no parents, they were killed by Velik and he was on his own. I adopted him, and took care of him. Its 8 years later and I am 20 the little rascle is 11. I have just gotten out of the Mage Academy, and Jhon is about to enter Axing school. He has promise, he can take me out every once in awhile, which for his age is a great accomplishement.

Next time : PK's, Mountains, Chicks and Mattekars. An interesting combo, dieing to make an interesting story!

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