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Brown rabbit?! What brown Rabbit?! - By Battle Rabbit

Todays Screenshot

Yet another AC2 Article...

This one over at Same pictures, however an interesting piece, giving more in-depth information about the game, like this part:

The game's skill system starts out very limited but branches off as you gain experience. As you win battles, not only will you be able to use skill points to improve the abilities you already know, but you'll also gain points that can be used to unlock entirely new skills. Again, how you apply these is up to you. It will be Turbine's challenge to play-balance all the different character-advancement paths properly. Actually, if you find that you don't like your character's skills, Asheron's Call 2 will effectively let you sell them back. You'll have to "work off" the experience you already applied to a particular skill, but in the end you'll gain your points back and be able to reapply them toward different abilities.

To read the full article, check it out here.

- JevMan 3-01-02 2:22pm

Everything you ever wanted to know about AC2 and more!!!!

In what has to be the most important interview that AC fans have ever read, got Jeff Anderson, CEO of Turbine Games, and got him to reveal more detail about AC2 then any of us could have wished for. From the fact there's now 3 playable races, to no more mana, to new creatures, to buildings, and cities that appear, everything sounds like this could be the game were all hoping for.

There's way to much to post, but defiantly read the article here. Check out the pictures too, from the new forts, to reflective water, to the awesome look of the new caves/dungeons. This game appears to be what everyone wished for.

As for when we get to see it:

"Well, the first look will be at the public beta. The first phase should be happening around this summer. A lot of people don't know this, but AC2 has been in an internal "alpha" test since October. It's has been a terrific experience for the team to watch a hundred characters playing the game from all around the world. As for the ship date, we will be announcing it later this week."

One word: Roxor.

- JevMan 2-26-02 2:12am.

Offical AC2 Site

Can offically be found here:

As for an unofficall site, in the comming days and weeks a full AC2 section will be added to the site, which will slowly and eventually take over, as time goes on, and once release comes out the site will hopefully be the most fully upto date news and information site on AC2. Thats the plan atleast.

Ofcourse the plan for this site was asian porn. And you see how well that turned out. :(

- JevMan 2-28-02 1:50pm

Another! AC2 Article...

This one comes from our friends over at IGN, a full, three page, interview about AC2. It even has 1 new screenshot, apparntly a cabbage farm.

Atleast thats what they want the authorities to believe, cabbage, haha, ya right.

Anyways check it out here.

- JevMan 3-3-02 2:12pm.

AC2 Beta Information...

Well heres what we know so far, Beta testing well consist of 4 people, a rabbi, a nun, a priest, and President Clinton...

Wait, that was a joke I heard before. Err, if you want real beta test news, go here.

- JevMan 3-4-02 2:00pm.

"The Question"

Well its about time! This question that was answered in the Q&A of Turbine was the one question on the mind of all AC players. Finally, after months of chattering on the boards, and chat rooms about when this issue was going to be fixed, Turbine finally responded.

Yes thats right, the question of when trees are going to be upgraded has been answered!!!

- JevMan 3-06-02 12:59am


AC2 is comming out!!! Geeze!! IM getting burnt out on the game, and its not comming out till next winter....

Anyways, YET another site has produced an AC2 article, leaving us, and as the only 2 sites not to do an original AC2 article.

Wait, what's that.... okay, were now the ONLY site not to do an original AC2 article. The one comes out tomorrow.... well check back for the link on that, until then read the one RPGVault did...

- JevMan 3-06-02 12:57am

AC2 DEV Chat Tonight!!

Thats right, your chance to finally ask some questions about AC2. The chat room is here and the chat will be held at 8pm tonight, eastern time.

Oh, and if you get to ask a question, make sure to ask the developers how much they love ACR. The stunned, deer in headlights look on their faces is worth it. Trust me.

- JevMan 3-07-02 2:32pm

AC2 Dev Chat Transcript

Read all the interesting parts, like this comment about death in AC2:

No perma death. Just vitae and relocation to the lifestone.. no item loss either..


Go here I say.

-JevMan 16-Mar-2002 5:49 PM


3 New Questions Answered

The AC:DM site has answered 3 players questions;

One on reincarnation.

One on being GQ in AC.

And one on gravity, asked by one of the many fine people that post on our boards! And I will say, it was the best question asked.

-JevMan < 16-Mar-2002 5:49 PM

What a weekend...

Despite what we were told in elemetary school, alchoal is not good for you.

Actually alot of work is being done behind the scenes to make ACR more, user friendly. So a few things were left alone that should have been updated like Battle of the Week. So go vote in the old one, a new one will come out tommorow.

Oh and dont forget if you want to help out in anyway, please send an email, we really need some staff, even more then we have. Dont ask why. Its secret. SECRET I SAY! MUWHAHAHA.


- JevMan 3-12-02 2:20pm

Every once in a while..

There's something that gets put on this website that requires a disclaimer.

This is one of them.

If you ever visited the vault you know about Unladen Swallow. And well, he's here now, and god help us, writting new articles. For us. Oh boy.

So if you dare, check out his newesest article he wrote for us, entitled, A Trip To Rithwic.

- JevMan 3-12-02 2:17pm