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Welcome to the new ACR store. We are starting off with a small selection of goods that you can buy from our kinda-sorta-we-know-um-cause-we-did-their-sister friends at

Currently we have 3 different stores to choose from.

The ACR STORE is a collection of items that contain mostly the metal logo, and some also include our new ACR (as seen on the homepage) logo as well.

The next is the ACR LOGO STORE. This as it sounds is a collection of items with just our new ACR logo. You can even get a mousepad with our new logo. That's pretty spiffy!

And finally. A line of items that just make us smile. Its the ME > YOU STORE. Items that say exactly what needs to be said, ME > YOU (That's ME "is greater than" YOU) for those of you who dropped out before third grade math.

And please remember that we tried our best to keep prices semi-reasonable, but cafe-press does steal pretty much all the money. If your just looking to donate go back the hompage and do so. But if you want to help out a bit and look super stylish, this is the way to go.