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The Refinery

The northwestern beach stretches out as far as my good eye can see. The party I am traveling with is moving at a light jog pace, pointing north, and talking of a structure on the beach called the Beach Fort. I'm hobbling as fast as my trick knee can carry me just to keep up. Sweat streams from every pore, drenching my body, saturating my clothes with the salty water.

I call to the leader of this group, a delightful young lady known as Kattienne the Mink. "Fatty Ann! Slow down a bit up there damn it!" My robust body jiggles and wobbles with each footfall, my flabby breasts rolling around beneath my tunic like 2 apples in a bowl of chicken gravy. Kattienne halts the group and storms back to where I just collapsed. This is the 37th time she has stopped the group on my account since we departed Plateau Village. It must be extremely frustrating to be so sexually drawn to me but unable to act fully on one's emotions. She stands over my crumpled body with a very irate expression. I massage my sweaty breasts and in my most throaty voice say, "Please be gentle."

"This will be the last time you delay this party from achieving our goal!" Kattienne plants her lightning spear into the soft sandy ground between my legs. "From the moment we left Plateau Village until now, you have done nothing but complain, cry, and run from red wasps. Red wasps! I am also tired of your belittling comments and sexual innuendoes. You revolt me. I would never have sex with you, even if you were the last man in Dereth and all of my fingers were surgically removed!"

I roll over to my hands and knees and stick my large ass into the air towards Kattienne. "I think I've been a bad boy and deserve a spanking. Spank me Flabby Can, spank me like you mean it."

Kattienne lifts her spear and points it towards my rectal opening, but withdraws before piercing it into my anal cavity. "And my name is Kattienne, Kattienne the Mink. Not Fatty Ann the Bink or Flabby Can the Stink. Get it right and for God's sake, please stop shaking your backside like that, you're making me seasick."

I struggle to my feet as Kattienne leads the group down the beach and continue to jog, trying to keep up with the rest of the adventurers. After another 20 minutes, a large wooden fort appears ahead of us. Its structure is massive, the walls stand 20 feet above the sandy beach. We circle it to the eastern side and enter the fortress as the evening sun begins to drop below the ocean's horizon.

"Alright, everyone have your Chorizite refined and we'll bed down here for the night. Tomorrow Nehemiah the Archmage will open us a portal to the Crater to complete this quest." Kattienne gestures to a gentleman standing near the wall opposite from the fort's entrance. "Feruza ibn Salaq will be the one who refines the Chlorite into a useable ore. You have all done a great job in getting here. This quest has been most successful."

"I try my best, my hedonistic leader." I say to Kattienne and the rest of the group. "Though I tend to hog all of the action and seem to be a superior person in skills and personality, most here did ok too. I'm afraid I'm growing tired of having to save everyone's neck when danger thwarts our travels however. A little more teamwork will be needed to finish this quest." I fish my chunk of Chorizite from my pouch and walk over to the fort's refiner, Feruza ibn Salaq.

Grumbles rose into heated yells from the group. "Everyone just ignore the fat choad. Come tomorrow morning we won't see him again. Refine your ore and find a good spot to sleep. Today has been most tiring and tomorrow comes early."

Feruza hands me back the refined ore and I look around for a place to collapse. Never have I worked so hard for a measly rock. Whatever the prize at the end of this quest is, it better be good. In one corner of the fort is a pile of loose hay, the perfect spot to sleep. I hobble over and slop down into the soft hay.

Kattienne the Mink hands in her Chorizite and walks near me, examining the refined ore. "You know, there's plenty of hay for two people to roll around in. And if you ask nice, I might even let you massage my sore feet after I have sex with you." I extend one smelly foot toward the spear fighter.

"There isn't enough ale in all of Dereth to persuade me to even think of touching you. Come tomorrow I shall never see you again. I guarantee that."

Now I see what is troubling the sweet leader. First, she is under much pressure with the responsibilities of protecting the group. Her mind must be swimming with fears and doubts of completing this quest. Second, one so pure and innocent does not want to be heart broken by my departure back to Holtburg tomorrow. The poor lass cannot bear losing herself to me one night, then losing me the next day. I understand the emotional trauma for her would be unbearable. Damn my animalistic magnitude and unforgiving charm. It has been a curse of mine since birth. My own mother wouldn't let me feed from her breast either, knowing that one day I would outgrow it and have to discontinue.

I roll over, facing my back to the poor lady and drift off to sleep.

The evening sun has finally sunk beneath the distant horizon and a slight chill begins to invade my body. I bury myself deeper into the soft hay to ward off the night's crisp air, only my face now is visible in the pile of hay.
"Is there still room in there for another?"

I jerk my eyes open and see Kattienne standing over me. She is scantly dressed in a near translucent gown, her hair tied up onto her head with vines of ivy and large-petalled flowers. The moon positions itself strategically behind her, revealing her soft, delicate form through the silken gown.

"There's always room in my hay pile for a slut like you." I move over a bit to allow the goddess of the evening to climb into the hay next to me. The aroma of her hair and skin fills my nostrils, the scents of exotic flowers and sweet oils act as an aphrodisiac. "I just hope I'm not allergic to that stench you call perfume. No worries, as soon as I get your sweat moving, it'll wash away that smell." Oh, I can't believe how these wondrous aromas have reduced me to such a sappy and loving talker.

"You know, ever since we left Holtburg, I've been dreaming of this moment." Kattienne snuggles closer to me, running her delicate fingers through my tangled and nappy hair. "You know how to make a girl hot." She rolls me over so I'm lying on my back and traces my fat rolls and nipples with her finger.

"Oh, you naughty bitch. A naughty whore like you needs to be punished." Kattienne gently licks my proliferated nipple, sending a tingle through my body. Thoughts of my youth begin flooding my head, memories of me watching chickens mate and me sneaking peeks of my grandmother in the bath. "It's time for you to jiggle the jo!"

I roll on top of her and she lets out an ear-piercing bleat, "Baaaaah!"

"Baaaaaaaah! Baaaaaaaaah!"

The sounds jerk me from my dream. I roll out of the hay pile and up at the gathering people. From deep within the straw bed a young lamb digs its way out. It makes it to the ground and bolts to the gate, bleating uncontrollably. I look down and see my trousers pulled down to my ankles. Quickly I yank them up, hoping the onlookers didn't notice this.

"You sick sheep shagger!" One yells from the crowd. No laughter, no throwing of various rotting fruits, only mumbles and people shaking their heads. "I thought of you as a disgusting psychopath but never this."

"Uhh… I Uhhh…" Damn, how am I going to get out of this one. "You don't understand… I uhhh… I was urinating over there on the wall and ummm… And this sheep came along and it saw my enormous manhood. I think maybe to the lamb, it looked like a huge mutton roast and that freaked out the poor sheep. It uhhh… screamed and ran away." Oh the lies drizzle from my tongue like molasses from a small-mouthed bottle.

"Yeah, sure. When you stood up earlier with your pants down, I almost mistook you for a girl." Kattienne shakes her head, a look of pity on her face. "Ok, show's over, let's all get some sleep. And you, stay away from the livestock."

The spectators disperse and I crawl back into my hay pile. It's wonderful how the lovely Kattienne warns me of the livestock. Eating this late usually gives me nightmares. I nuzzle deep in the straw and drift off once again into sleep.

Morning comes too early. I drag myself from my warm bed and stretch the sleep from my body. The group I have been adventuring with is gathering near the entrance gate, preparing for the trip to the Crater. Nehemiah the Archmage is already mixing regents and preparing to open the portal. I walk over and hear various Baaahs coming from the group, followed by snickers.

"Ready for the Crater trip, you baaaaad boy?" Kattienne says, trying to hold back a laugh. "Nehemiah is opening a portal now, unless you're too sheepish to make such a trip." The group breaks out into thunderous laughter and I stand there, not knowing exactly why.

The chortling dies down and Nehemiah steps forward. He waves his moonstone orb and before him opens a portal. One-by-one each member of this questing group enters the wormhole, disappearing into the purple swirling opening. After the last person enters, I dive in headfirst. The uneasy pull of the portal wrenches at my belly, causing me to regurgitate yesterday's meager dinner. The warm vomit covers me as I exit.

The sight and stench caused a few others to puke, causing a chain reaction of upchucking. "Damn it Swallow." Kattienne says in between gags. "Bathe yourself in the lake there."

I step into the icy waters and begin washing the bile from my skin, clothes and hair. This place is amazing. The lake I'm standing in is in the center of what seems to be a circular valley. The mountain walls rise hundreds of feet above the ground, virtually impassible. I have never seen such a beautiful place.

"Pretty remarkable lake isn't it stinky." Kattienne kneels at the water's edge, washing the vomit from her mouth and chin.

"What, this hell-hole? I've been to this god-forsaken place way too many times to be awed by its presence. So, what are we here for anyway?"

"Silencia of course. She sells the glyphs for the hollow and Atlan weapons. That's what the refined ore is used for. Don't you know anything about this quest? Why are you even here?"

"Yeah, I uhhh… I was the first to ever complete this quest, early last year sometime. Hell, back home everyone calls me Unlaiden 'the Hollow Man' Swallow. I even have the entire collection of hollow weapons, like the hollow stabbing thingy and that hollow big swingy uhh thing."

"Um, ok. You must be the man, since the ore wasn't discovered until recently."

"Yeah, umm, I uhh I kept it a secret for a while." The king of comebacks I am.

"Sure." Kattienne waves in the rest of the group. "Follow me around the lake's bank to the other side. Silencia's tower resides there. There should be little to no creatures to hamper our trip to the tower. Just stay with the group and we should be just fine."

The walk around the lake was uneventful, except for an occasional drudge to scare the urine from my weak bladder. Soon the rock tower appears ahead of us. Our pace speeds up a bit in anticipation of completing this quest. I climb the steep steps to the top of the tower and stop at Silencia and the pet Golem. I dig into my money pouch and scoop up all the change. 8 pyreal.

"Uh, can someone loan me a couple pyreal? I'm just a bit short."

"Like how much?" Kattienne opens her pouch and pulls out some trade notes for her spear glyph. Silencia hands her a glyph and she hands her ore to the Magma Golem. Moments later, the Golem hands her a spear, its shaft and tip translucent and a rainbow aura dances on the blade's end. Maybe a hollow dagger would be something to impress the people back in Holtburg.

"Just enough to buy that dagger glyph and not a pyreal more. A hooker like you should have plenty spare change after a night with this clan."

"I don't know why I do this." Kattienne hands me a dagger glyph. "Goodbye, I hope we never see each other again."

"Oh, you'll be back for more. I guarantee it." I moisten my index finger with my tongue and rub it in a circular fashion around my exposed nipple. "Few can resist."

Kattienne the Mink storms down the steps of the tower and out of sight. I can't wait for the day she gives in to her primal urges, bottling those feelings up will only lead to pain and sorrow. I turn to the Magma Golem and hand him my refined ore. While waiting for this treasured dagger I examine the glyph. It seems odd to have to pay so much for such a silly little item. All it seems to be is a thin metal with a dagger carved into it. Oh well, it was free. Maybe my vassal Jiggles will like it.

Five minutes pass and the Golem hasn't given me a dagger. What the hell? I hand the Golem the glyph, hoping it was a step I forgot. Still the molten giant doesn't produce a weapon for me. I'm sure this process may take an extra minute for me. When a superior warrior like myself presents ore to the Golem, he tends to make sure the highest quality output is returned.

I sit on the ledge of Silencia's tower, feet dangling over the edge and watch the sun sink below the western wall of the crater valley. My thoughts formulating all the many things I'm going to do with this mysterious dagger. Oh yes, I'll be the talk of Holtburg.

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